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Finans Asset Management American
Dollar Foreign Exchange Traded Fund Index
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Definition and Advantages of Dolar Exchange Traded Fund


DOLAR Exchange Traded Fund tracks the performance of USD/TRY exchange rate.Investors can buy and sell the fund on Borsa Istanbul immediately without having to wait extra days for settlement. In particular, mutual funds & pension funds in Turkey cannot invest in USD Dollar as a money market instrument but can invest in US Dollar as a capital market instrument easily & with a low spread through the exchange traded fund.

DOLAR Exchange Traded Fund tracks Finans Asset Management American Dollar Foreign Exchange Traded Fund Index.

Buy & Sell With Ease:

DOLAR Exchange Traded Fund is listed on Borsa Istanbul and can be traded through any broker with access to the exchange. Retail investors can buy & sell the fund through online or telephone banking.

Operational Efficiency:

Investors can trade the US Dollar in a single transaction through any brokerage house.

Narrow Spreads:

DOLAR Exchange Traded Fund eliminates costs and can be traded with a narrow spread.

Cost Efficient:

Management fees are low for exchange traded funds. DOLAR Exchange Traded Fund management fee is only 0.37% annually.

Continuous Monitoring:

ETFs are priced based on their Net Asset Value, investors can follow the price continuously during trading hours.