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Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds: An exchange traded fund (ETF) is an investment vehicle that congregates key features of traditional mutual funds and individual stocks. ETFs represent a variety of securities that track specific indexes, like index mutual funds. On the other hand, ETFs can be traded on the trading day.


Buy & Sell With Ease

ETFs can be traded through any broker with access to the İstanbul Stock Exchange.

Retail investors can buy & sell ETFs through internet banking, telephone banking, ATMs etc.

Operational Efficiency

Investors can trade ETFs with a single transaction through any brokerage house.


ETFs are also investment instruments which can provide instant exposure to a wide range of securities. Investors can diversify by choosing an index ETF, rather than taking concentrated risks by purchasing individual securities.

Narrow Spreads

ETFs eliminate costs and can be traded with a narrow spread.

Cost Efficient

Management fees are lower for exchange traded funds.

Continuous Monitoring

ETFs are priced based on their Net Asset Value, investors can follow the price moves continuously during the trading hours.


ETFs’ holdings are published on a daily basis. For investors, it is easy to know what they own.

The Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) project was initiated by Finansportfoy in 2003 in response to a number of factors:

  • Turkey required new investment tools to increase diversity for its investors.
  • Extensive market analysis undertaken by Finansportfoy indicated that ETFs would meet many of the markets needs.
  • Finansportfoy partnered with other globally recognised institutions to deliver a world class product.

In 2005 Finansportfoy launched Turkey’s first ETF Dow Jones Istanbul 20 Type A Exchange Traded Fund (DJIST).